It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!!

Girl Scout Cookies are here! They will look a little different though. Due to the Stage 5 restrictions in our area, you won’t see girls selling in front of stores as usual. However, there are lots of Girl Scouts from our Hill community ready and eager to meet your cookie needs!!
Where can I find cookies?

  • Drive/Walk around your neighborhood looking for Girl Scout Cookie yard signs. Many will have a link or a QR code to the individual girl’s online sales site. Buy your cookies online and they can be delivered directly to your door or shipped from the warehouse.
  • Reach out to Girl Scouts in your life and ask if they are selling – check with friends, relatives, and co-workers who have Girl Scouts.
  • Girls will be selling at drive through booths certain weekend days. To find a booth, or to be connected to a local Girl Scout, go to

Note: This has been posted by the Bluebonnet Circle Service Unit with permission from Girl Scouts of Central Texas. Individual girls are NOT allowed to post or accept orders on community boards or social media forums.