Hoopla Buy-In Parties Needed

As Dillo Derby gallops closer, it’s time to wrangle your friends and plan a Buy-In party!  Buy-In Parties are always a huge success at our annual Hill Hoopla, bringing in much needed funds for our programs, as well as creating a memory- filled gathering for everyone to look forward to!
There are many buy-in parties already planned, but we need a few more!

 Our greatest needs are:

  • PreK- Kinder grade level kid parties
  • 5th grade kid party

Need some ideas?  Adults could do a virtual Mixology Lesson, Top Golf Dillo Dads party, Blue Starlite Drive-In for families.  Kid parties could include Backyard Sportball Class with 10 friends, Laser Tag with Games2U, or Just Dance garage party.  The sky is the limit!  We know we have lots of creative Dillos and cannot wait to see what you come up with.  Please refer to our Buy-In Guidelines while preparing your party.  Email hooplabuyins@hillelementary.com for any questions or to make your party official!