Hill Heritage Week is Next Week!

Hill Heritage Week is NEXT WEEK!  We have two exciting events planned: Heritage Fashion Show and International Book Reading.

Heritage Fashion Show – WEDNESDAY 4/13
Join us for the show, which kicks off at 7:50am.  Participating students (those modeling clothing or carrying flags) should go straight to the library upon arrival.  Participants will walk along the yellow route shown on the attached map.  Parents are invited to watch the show anywhere along the red route.  There is NO EXPECTATION for our participating Dillos to talk or perform.  They will just walk in a parade-like fashion.  If your Dillo wants to participate but is feeling shy, they are invited to simply bring their flag and join the parade that morning.  We can’t wait to see all of our participants model clothing and carry flags that represent different countries and cultures from around the world!  Participants are invited to enjoy breakfast treats and have their photographs taken after the show. The forecast shows a slight chance for rain on Wednesday. If it rains, we will keep the route inside the main building, and parents will be allowed inside to watch.

International Reading Week – MONDAY 4/11 through WEDNESDAY 4/13
Do you speak a language in addition to English?  We have a couple of classrooms still in need of readers!  We would love for you to come read a short book in another language to a Hill classroom.  Our Dillos love this tradition, so dust off those books and come read! Click HERE to volunteer!

Reach out to Cultural Chair Michelle Huh at culturalcommittee@hillelementary.com with any questions or to volunteer!  See you next week!