Big Dillo Cheers

As this school year comes to a close, we want to give a great big Dillo Cheer for a group of parents whose volunteer roles have required lots of donations of time.  Julia Zimmerman (Bulletin Board), Roz Johnson (Marquee & Web Team), and Sam Thomas (Web Team): thank you for keeping us plugged-in and in-the-know.  Kellie Wostal (Directory): thank you for keeping us connected for in-school activities and out-of-school relationships.  Katie Hanley and Ashley Perraud (Birthday Book Club): thank you for the care you put into honoring our students and building our library.  Kimberly Gdula (Birthday Posters): thank you for the happiness you bring to our Dillos and for celebrating them throughout the year.  Laura Arnold and Jessica Patino (Yearbook): thank you for another beautiful keepsake that captures the spirit and heart of Hill Elementary.