An Update from Principal Drummond

Dear Hill Community,
We hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween if your family took part in festivities. Here is a picture of our Charlie Brown at home. Enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

We wanted to update our families on several things for the upcoming week to be aware of. By now, if anything has changed for your students’ class(es), you should have been notified. This week, please note that Tuesday, November 3rd, is a student holiday. Our staff will be participating in professional development that day. Also this upcoming week, our Essential Area classes will move to an ABC schedule. What this means is that synchronous instruction will be taking place each day for all students daily (outside of staff absences). Teachers will still have 30 minute synchronous lessons followed by 15 minutes of asynchronous work. It will be an adjustment but our art, music, and PE teachers are looking forward to the extra face time with students. For face to face students, please also note that our PE teachers, Ms. Perry, and Ms. Herb will begin utilizing their classrooms for instruction with safety protocols in place. There will not be shared materials and spaces will be cleaned after each rotation, as some other schools have been practicing. Finally, there is no more asynchronous Wednesday beginning this week. Wednesday will now look like a regular instructional day as we have been messaging for a few weeks now.

Be sure to check out our Principal Check-In from this past Wednesday. We will not have one this upcoming week as we have quite a bit going on around campus!

One discussion point on Wednesday was the carline and Hill traffic pattern now that we have seen what it looks like with our phased-in group. For arrival and dismissal, thank you for queuing for the carline down Tallwood toward Cima Serena. Please do not take left turns into our front driveway! This is actually illegal during these times and an existing city sign is being relocated to the new entrance. Do be aware, however, that our teacher parking lot now shares that same entrance. You may see staff needing to pull in to park, and we appreciate everyone keeping that space open where the double arrows are so teachers can pull past the line to prepare for the day. Families have also shared that pulling around the car line is tough right now at the Cima Serena/Tallwood intersection. If you want to park and walk, we recommend using Hyridge as the corridor to make your way to campus. Thank you all for supporting safe traffic and queuing around Hill! And please utilize our crosswalks to avoid jaywalking.

We are now one week away from our big Hill 50th Anniversary Car Parade and cannot wait to see our community come together in this special way on November 7th! The parade route and all of the information is linked here. Please check out the Dillo Details as well this week for any updates and comprehensive information. One last big Dillo Cheer to Liz Neff and our volunteers/sponsors who have made this possible. Have those pom poms ready and show your Hill pride on Saturday morning! We will also have a fun announcement for Friday’s assembly so tune in…

Our Hill childcare is still looking to fill positions. More information was in our letter last week and you can call the school for more information. Have a wonderful week!

Principal Drummond