A Letter from Principal Drummond

Dear Hill Community,
Time has flown by this semester as the fall break is now one week away. Please note there will be no virtual or face-to-face classes for the week of November 23rd-27th. We wish you all a special time with your families. We also encourage everyone to be as safe as possible in terms of avoiding large groupings. We appreciate as much caution as possible to support a safe re-entry to school for the weeks to follow.

That being said, we are so pleased that at Hill and around the district so far, community spread within schools has not been evident. Still, rest assured we will continue to be vigilant. We are pleased to announce that COVID-19 testing for our students will now be available through our health room. This will be a phased-in approach that began with students on campus during the day who began to show symptoms. You can find more information here.

These topics were among the discussions during our Hill Principal Check-In this week. Check out the video if you were unable to attend. We will not have a check-in this upcoming week.

We also wanted to follow up with a few notes on dismissal. Please know that at school, we are now discussing ways to improve our practices for a smoother end to the day. If you are utilizing the car line for pick-up, one huge way to support a timely dismissal is to have a paper/poster with your student(s)’ name and classroom teacher. We appreciate this addition if you are not already doing so. While we had originally floated a number system, we have decided it would not be feasible or useful. Lastly, our crossing guard at Cima Serena and Tallwood asks that parents/guardians please don’t take a left turn onto Tallwood if coming east. It is actually illegal with a sign stating so. Thank you for planning your route to queue appropriately facing west on Cima Serena. Please also be mindful to not block our crosswalks in that area! Doing so will not get you through the line faster and puts safety in that area at risk. We appreciate everyone’s diligence in making our community a safe place for pedestrians!

Don’t forget to support our Hill Virtual Book Fair that ends next Saturday! And thank you to Lara Farahani, our library staff, and other volunteers for their amazing annual work on this support of our library. Again, have a wonderful fall break!