2020-2021 Grade Level Facebook Pages

Below are a list of parent-led Facebook pages for each grade level. Hill PTA will occasionally also send pertinent information that will be posted.  This is not monitored by the Hill PTA.  The Hill Elementary Facebook and Instagram handles are below as well for your reference.

PK: 2020-2021 Pre-K Dillos
Kinder: 2020-2021 Dillo Kindergarten
1st: 2020-2021 First Grade Dillos
2nd: 2020 – 2021 2nd grade Dillos
3rd: 2020-2021 Third Grade Dillos
4th: 4th Grade Hill Dillos
5th: Fifth Grade Dillos
Hill PTA Instagram: @hillelementarypta
Hill PTA Facebook: @hillelementarypta
Please email dillodetails@hillelementary if you have trouble joining.