Dillo Cards

Hill relies on donation-based fundraising for our entire PTA budget. Your kids will not have to sell gift wrap or other merchandise. How do we make that work? One way is the PTA raises money through the Dillo Cards program — a NO COST TO YOU fundraiser for Hill. Over $9,000 was earned for Hill through the Dillo Card program last year. A $200 monthly subscription for groceries equates to $96 for Hill over the course of a year. Easy money!

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Q:  How does the Dillo Cards program work?

A: The Dillo Cards program is a no-cost-to-you PTA fundraiser. The PTA purchases gift cards from participating merchants at a discount. The PTA then sells the cards to Hill families at face value. The PTA makes a profit from the discount. In other words, you pay $100 for a $100 gift card. In the case of HEB, Hill earns $4 and HEB earns $96. You can use the gift cards for your monthly shopping.

QHow much is the discount?

A:  It depends on the merchant. HEB cards are discounted 4%; Starbucks cards are 7%; Randall’s are 4%; Amazon are 4%; and Whole Foods are 3%.

QWhat cards are available for purchase and when can I buy them?

A:  Grocery, Amazon and Starbucks cards are available year-round: HEB ($25, $50, $100, $200, $300 & $500), Randall’s ($25 & $100), Whole Foods ($25 & $100), Amazon ($25 & $100) and Starbucks ($10 & $25). Additionally, before the holidays and in the Spring, a large selection of other cards are available for gift purchases or for yourself. Examples of some of the cards typically offered are Crate & Barrel, Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dillard’s, Gap, iTunes and many area restaurants.


Q:  How do I purchase grocery and Starbucks cards?

A:  Most people take advantage of the convenient monthly subscription program. Sign up for the cards you want and they’ll automatically be mailed to you each month, year-round, including during the summer months.

Q:  How and when do I pay for the cards?

A:  The preferred type of payment is by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). When paying by EFT, payment can be setup once per month on the 20th or the payment can be split in half on the 10th and the 20th of each month. If you prefer other arrangements (check or online bill pay), please let us know. Payments are due by the 20th of each month.

Q:  When do I receive my cards?

A:  Payments are made in advance. Your payment is processed on the 20th for the following month’s cards, your cards will be mailed at the beginning of the following month. They will arrive with invoices for the following month. If you are set up for EFT, no further effort is required. Start shopping!  Expect cars to arrive by the 10th of the month.

Q:  What if a card is lost or stolen?

A:  Be sure to contact dillocards@hillelementary.com right away. If there is value remaining on the card, sometimes the merchant can void the missing card and apply the remaining balance to a new card. BUT ALWAYS TREAT THEM LIKE CASH!

 Q:  How do I contact Dillo Cards to make a change, cancel my subscription, or ask a question?

A:  The Dillo Cards program email is dillocards@hillelementary.com. The 2016-2017 Chairs are Julie Range and Karen Treadwell. All check payments should be mailed to Hill Elementary PTA, 8127 Mesa Drive, B206, PMB #310, Austin, TX 78759 You can cancel at any time, just contact us.