Hill Parent Ed Event:  8/31 – 6pm

“Raising Digital Natives”

Learn how to empower and help your kids thrive in the digital age.  Hear from the expert in this field, Devorah Heitner, PhD.worldphone

In a world where the internet permeates our lives, how do we keep our children from being too connected or not connected enough?

What can we do to create a new digital citizenry that safely and effectively rules the internet?  

Don’t miss this important and informative Parent Education Event, co-sponsored by Hill!

Wednesday, August 31 – 6pm – 7:30pm

Doss Elementary School – 7005 Northledge Dr.

Did you miss Open House? 

… but still want to order a directory, yearbook, birthday posters, and donate to all the programs that make Hill great?

Our hassle-free fundraisers supply technology to classrooms, extra learning supplies for our kids, and much, much more.

You can sign up online through Monday, September 5th.

Hill Open House Sign Up 2016-2017

Did you know??  All these items are tax-deductible:

  • Dillo Donations
  • Booster Club
  • Scholarship Fund
  • PTA Membership

If you have already completed Open House online, but would like to order more t-shirts and/or hats, please fill out this form and send it back to school with the correct amount of money (including tax) in an envelope labeled ‘T-shirts’.

This is not school registration. Please see below for new parent info and how to register at Hill.

Double your donations to Hill Elementary PTA without it costing you any extra money.

Many Austin companies offer Matching Gifts where your contribution (PTA Memberships, Booster, Dillo Donations) to Hill Elementary PTA is matched, dollar for dollar, by your corporation or it’s charitable foundation.   These programs are a great way for companies or foundations to help support their employees’ charities, while non-profit organizations like ours get the benefit of a doubled donation.

The Matching Process:
Every company or foundation handles their matching donations differently.  Below is a list of the possible ways matching programs can work:
• Employees are required to fill out a company form (paper or online) and offer proof of the donation. 
• The program requires a grant application and more specific documentation from the charity. 
• Employers may collect your contribution through periodic payroll deductions and the total gift (including the corporate match) is sent directly to Hill Elementary PTA.

No matter what your company’s process is, we are here to help.  So please contact your company or foundation and determine their specific steps for matching.
Email Jayne Rosso-corporate matching@hillelementary.com  or at 512 988 6947 if you need Hill Elementary PTA to complete a form, send a letter or assist with grant applications.

Important Information you may need:
Our legal name is Texas PTA Congress # 0514 dba Hill Elementary PTA
Our address is Hill Elementary PTA 8601 Tallwood Drive Austin TX 78759

 Click here for a list of Corporate Matching Companies.

New Parent Info

Please click here for full instructions on how to register your child at Hill.


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Please mark your calendars:

Monday, September 19, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Grades PK, K, 1, 2

Tuesday, September 20, 6:30-8:00pm

Grades 3, 4, 5

Check out the new WheresTheBus app!  

The free app provides timely information about the location of your child’s bus, including when it will arrive at their stop.


 School Supplies List

Did you miss the deadline to purchase school supplies online?  See the detailed list below for information about what your child needs for class this school year.

Grades 1-5, Pre-K, and PPCD: ALL students need 1 set of earphones, standard, with 3.5 mm plug and a plastic bag for storage (for computer lab) — if you have earphones from last year, you may return them with your purchased school supplies for 2016-2017. We will be working with PTA to provide earphones for sale to those who need them.

1 Bottles Elmer’s School Glue, 7.58 oz.
8 Elmer’s Glue Sticks, purple, 0.21 oz.
2 Boxes Crayola Classic Thick Markers, 8 ct. washable
2 Boxes Crayola Crayons, 24 ct.
1 Box Kleenex, 110 ct.
1 Box Pencils, 12 ct., #2 sharpened (Ticonderoga brand)
1 Spiral Notebook, Green, 70 pgs., wide rule
1 Box Crayola Watercolors, washable, 8 ct.
2 Composition Books, Black Mead, 100 pgs.
1 EXPO Low odor dry erase marker, pen-style, 2-pack
1 Set of Earphones, standard, with 3.5 mm plug and a plastic bag for storage (For computer lab)
BOYS ONLY-1 box of Quart Size Ziploc Slider Bags
GIRLS ONLY-1 box of Gallon Size Ziploc Slider Bags

3 Boxes 12 ct. Pencils, #2 sharpened (Ticonderoga brand)
2 Boxes Crayola Crayons, 24 ct.
12 Elmer’s Glue Sticks, .21 oz.
2 Boxes Kleenex, 110 ct.
1 Fiskar scissors, 5”, sharp
1 Spacemaker Plastic school box, 8.375×5.375×2.125
2 Pink large bevel erasers
3 Polypocket folders with brads (1 blue, 1 green, 1red)
1 Box Crayola Coloring Pencils, long, 24 ct.
3 Marble composition books (1 black, 1 green, 1 red), 100 pg.
1 Spiral Notebook, 100 ct., wide-rule, blue
1 Box Broad Washable Markers, Classic, 8 ct.
1 Container Clorox wipes

3 Boxes Pencils (12 ct.), #2 sharpened (Ticonderoga)
2 Boxes Crayola Crayons, 24 ct.
2 Boxes Kleenex, 110 ct.
1 Plastic school box, 8.375 x 5.375 x 2.125
1 Fiskar scissors, 5”, blunt
2 Boxes Crayola Coloring Pencils, long, 12 ct.
1 3-Count, Pink large bevel eraser
3 Pocket/brad folders (1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow)
4 Elmer’s Glue Sticks, .21 oz.
1 Box Crayola Classic washable broad markers, 8 ct.
1 Set Big Tab, Two pocket insertable Plastic Dividers, 8Tabs
1 Pencil and crayon sharpener (2 holes), large well
1 Spiral Notebook, 70 ct., wide-rule, blue
2 Binders, ½”, Basic View, White
2 Black Marble PRIMARY Composition Journals
1 Black Marble Composition Books, 100 sht/200pgs
2 Correcting red pencils with erasers
BOYS- 1 Container Clorox Wipes
GIRLS-1 Container Ziploc Sandwich Bags

4 Boxes Pencils (12 ct.), #2 sharpened (Ticonderoga Brand)
1 Wood ruler, 12 inches, 1/16”, std and metric, with 3 holes
1 Package filler paper, wide rule, 150 ct.
1 Box Kleenex, 110 ct.
2 Pink large bevel eraser
1 Fiskar scissors, 5”, sharp
2 Packages Crayola Coloring Pencils, long, 12 ct.
5 Pocket/brad folders (1 each green, blue, red, purple, yellow)
2 Box Crayola crayons, 24 ct.
1 Plastic school box, 8.375×5.375×2.125
1 Hardback 1” vinyl binder, black
3 Glue sticks, Elmers, .77 oz., purple
1 Set dividers, assorted colors, 5 tabs
4 Black Mead Composition Books (100 sheets/200 pages)
1 Container Clorox wipes
1 Pencil sharpener, 2 holes, large well
1 Nylon pencil bag, 3 holes
2 Poly Pocket Folders with brads, any color
1 Box Crayola Classic washable broad markers, 8 ct.
BOYS ONLY-1 box of Gallon Size Ziploc Storage Bags
GIRLS ONLY-1 box of Quart Size Ziploc Storage Bags

2 Boxes Kleenex, 110 ct.
2 Boxes Pencils (48 ct.), #2 sharpened (Ticonderoga)
2 Pencil sharpeners, 2 holes, large well
1 Box Crayola colored pencils, 24 ct. long
12 Elmers’ glue sticks, purple, .21 oz. (3, 4-packs)
2 Fiskar scissors, 5”, sharp
6 Polypocket folders with brads (1 each blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange)
1 Clear Plastic Clipboard, compact clip
8 Composition Books, black Mead, 100 pg.
1 Package filler paper, wide rule, 150 ct.
1 1-inch binder, white with clear front sleeve
1 Container Clorox wipes
1 4-Pack of EXPO thin dry erase markers, BLUE
1 Box Crayola Classic washable broad markers, 8 ct.
Note: All parents purchasing supplies on the open market are asked to buy 1 additional box of Kleenex for Essential Area Teachers—turn the box in to your home room teacher for distribution.
Also, at some grade levels all supplies are pooled together for the use of all students. Please purchase generic supplies as listed on this sheet.


1 Box Kleenex, 125 ct.

5 Boxes Pencils (12 ct.), #2 sharpened (Ticonderoga)
2 pencil sharpeners with lid, 2 holes, large well
3 Pocket/brad folders  (1 each red, yellow, blue), OR 1 accordion style plastic folder w/ at least 3 pockets
1 Packages filler paper, wide rule, 150 ct.
8 glue sticks, Elmers, .77 oz.
1 Box Crayola coloring pencils, 12 ct. long
2 Highlighters, Yellow
1 Nylon Pencil Bag, 3 holes
8 Spiral Notebooks, 70 pg, wide ruled, single-subject (2 each of Red, Yellow, Black, Blue)
2 Composition notebooks (100 pages each)
1 Fiskar scissors, 5”, sharp
2 boxes BIC stick pens, red, 10 ct.
5 Dry Erase Markers, assorted colors

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